Living health & beauty


A newly renovated home is like a blank slate. From the start, creating a home calls for a touch of nature your senses can soak in. Forgo chemically treated materials and allow yourself to experience peace in the presence of nature. Immerse yourself in sensations like the scent of lime, the delicacy of natural dyes, and light and shadow dancing in harmony upon entering a house or building renovated by Calceviva Nizzo.
Besides natural materials or the philosophy of designing and building spaces having people’s mental and physical well-being in mind.
The human-centric approach goes a step further— making you feel alive with an intangible yet transcending appearance, providing a grandiose sense of beauty.

A rustic door offers a glimpse and refined elegance to elevate this bathroom.

A bedroom and well-being haven with soft light, calm colors, and sensory elements.

Limestone delicately wraps the architectural details of these white walls with a pure feeling.

Freshness and serenity reflect off the limestone walls in this living room.

The natural white of the limestone brings out the details in the refined stairwell design, filling it with elegant charm.

The natural materials' harmony with the surroundings makes this pool an oasis of relaxation for mental and physical well-being.

This patio's stone and limestone walls welcome a fairy-tale atmosphere that harmoniously embrace the surrounding greenery.